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Inaugural Meeting of the Tidewater SAPFM chapter

The Society of American Period Furniture Makers has a new chapter catering to eastern Virginia and North Carolina. First of all, a special thanks to Bill Caillet and the folks at the Norfolk Woodcraft for their hospitality and letting SAPFM use … Continue reading

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Carving Class 2013, Part 4

Starting on the last jobs in Massachusetts… Ted… And Bill, working on his roughing out… Both designs in bass. Ted has declared a pause to sharpen.  Bill?  Whalin’ away.  Go, men. The Hay Shop.

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Carving Class 2013, Part 3

The next jobs for Bill and Ted: Bill’s finished one and the drawings for the next. And Ted’s next piece: Ongoing.  Thanks, guys. The Hay Shop

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Carving Class 2013, Part 2

More photos from Bill and Ted’s stint up at the Klitsas carving class.  First Bill’s most recent effort, in bass wood: And Ted’s latest mahogany piece: Home stretch days coming now, for our men.  More later, as we get good … Continue reading

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Carving Class Work 2013, Part 1

Hello all… Bill Pavlak is up in Massachusetts this week and next week, along with Ted Boscana of the Joinery, working with Dimitrios Klitsas on decorative carving.  We’ll be running updates periodically on their work and progress as they post … Continue reading

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Current Projects

Cabinet shop projects progress with fits and starts. It is especially satisfying to return to interrupted projects and complete them. The Chinese style elbow chair pictured above is based on a London original in Colonial Williamsburg’s collection. The old chair … Continue reading

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Carving Class Update

From Boston, at the carving class: Here’s the current state of Kaare’s frame carving: And Ted Boscana of the Joiner’s Shop early stage of Egg and Dart molding:   These two men are moving forward. The Hay Shop.    

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Spinet Braces Attached

Hello all: Next phase of the spinet is complete.  I’ve glued and nailed the tulip poplar triangular knee braces into the interior of the case.  Follow the captions on the photos (don’t forget to click on them for closeup views) … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There Really Is Sandpaper in 1775

Okay, we would like to settle the perennial question (or statement) we get in the shop:  “Since you didn’t have sandpaper…” or “Did they have sandpaper?”  or “Was sandpaper available back then?” Answer: Yes, we had it.  Proof?  Here goes: … Continue reading

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Hello Again and Some Rules for Varnishing

First of all, we’re back and we plan on blogging far more regularly this year.  Thanks for sticking with us! Secondly: Happy New Year Everyone!  …I know that seems belated, but here in the Anthony Hay Shop the new year … Continue reading

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