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Very Risky Wood Planing , 18th Century Style, or How to Get Out of a Self-Imposed Problem

Hello everyone: So now I’m back to making parts for holding the strings in the spinet.  I’ve begun with the bridge, the curved piece of cherry seen in the above photo.  It’s long and thin, sawn from a solid slab. … Continue reading

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Toothing Plane Update

Hello again, all: On the recent post about toothing planes, we had a question in the comments section as to whether they were used to flush dovetail pins on drawer sides.  As Bill replied, we remember seeing this but have … Continue reading

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The Toothing Plane: A Tool of Our Time

Okay, everyone, prepare to be re-acquainted with what could be construed as one of an 18th century woodworker’s secret weapons. (Drum rolls, please.) The toothing plane, a tool that has gotten me out of more difficult situations than I care … Continue reading

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