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Another Symposium Done Gone

It’s a bit embarrassing writing with the realization that we have been silent for so long.  The last post was about the next symposium.  This will be about the same symposium, but we’ll have to call it the last symposium … Continue reading

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The Next Symposium!

We’re excited yet saddened with our preparations for the January 2015 Working Wood Symposium. This will be the first symposium since its inception in 1999 that our director, Jay Gaynor will not be present. The Working Wood Symposium was Jay’s … Continue reading


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Did somebody sign something in Philadelphia?

I have spent a good portion of this Independence Day thinking about something signed in Philadelphia in the eighteenth century.  No, it’s not what you think.  It’s Edward Evans, not John Hancock et al.  It’s 1707, not 1776. It is a … Continue reading

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I love wood! (I mean that with sincerity and sarcasm)

You know those people who wear t-shirts with “I Love Wood” printed across the chest?  Perhaps you are one of those people – it’s okay, I’m not making fun.  Even if it is not a part of my wardrobe, I, and hopefully … Continue reading

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Symposium Aftermath

Now that the 2014 edition of the Working Wood in the Eighteenth Century Symposium is over and all of our attendees are (hopefully) back home safe, sound, and ready for another year of period furniture making, we thought we should … Continue reading

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You may have seen the announcement on the Colonial Williamsburg web site concerning the 2014 Working Wood Symposium. I wanted to put some pictures to those words. In late June, Jay Gaynor, Ted Boscana and I took a scouting tour … Continue reading

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Another Conference on the Books

Thank you all for the warm response to this foray into the 21st century. A special thanks goes out to the guests of  this year’s Woodworking Conference. Your support, encouragement, and comments are always appreciated. We’d like to give a special … Continue reading

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