Carving Class Work 2013, Part 1

Hello all…

Bill Pavlak is up in Massachusetts this week and next week, along with Ted Boscana of the Joinery, working with Dimitrios Klitsas on decorative carving.  We’ll be running updates periodically on their work and progress as they post on Facebook and to us.

Here is the sampler that Bill finished yesterday:


And now he is working on this shell and leaving design:


And Ted is finishing up work on his reproduction of the oval window from Mount Vernon:


As of this morning, he is cutting the rebates for the glazing:


And when one is working a tough, grainy pine…. things happen:


Further reports, as we get them.  Later.

The Hay Shop.

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3 Responses to Carving Class Work 2013, Part 1

  1. Marsh Jim says:

    Great post. What is the backing to the oval window? Or am I just seeing things.

  2. Torch02 says:

    Looks like you just made a beading chisel!

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