Carving Class in Boston

Hello all:

Kaare is up in Massachusetts with Ted Boscana from the Joiner’s Shop.  Both are in a two week carving workshop with Dimitrios Klitsas.  With permission, we thought we would post some photos of their progress.  Any questions should wait till they get back.  Follow further updates on the Joiner’s Facebook page.  Enjoy.

Ted’s first stairway bracket:

Ted’s first stair bracket




Stair bracket finished.

Now for a second one, based on a bracket loaned by Mack Headley:


Work as of 6 October 2012


And as of a few minutes ago:

Current stage, 11 AM, 9 October 2012


And now Kaare’s frame:

Initial Stage



First Stage


Second Stage


Third Stage

Nothing received this morning from Kaare’s work, but sure he’s progressed.

More coming.  Watch here and at the Joiner’s Facebook page.


The Hay Shop

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