Spinet Jack Replacement on the Fly….

Hello all:


Some things just happen.  Came in this morning, first day back after weekend and found a busted spinet jack lying under the strings of our shop instrument.  What the….

No one knows what happened.  Doesn’t matter.  The split was along the lead weight.  I could re-glue it neatly, but it would never hold the weight as good as before.

So I made a new jack on the fly. It’s the one on the left of the photo, next to the old one. Took less than an hour in total, all by hand with the 18th century jack making tools I invested in for the last woodworking conference we did in January (see photos on my Facebook timeline).  Plus it pays to have materials at the ready that I could dip into and not start completely from scratch.  The time spent organizing has paid off, big time.

And this jack functions better than the old one.  Nice to know the knowledge and skills actually do grow.  Further photos below.

Edge view of new jack.

Back of new jack, with boar bristle and cutaway in the tongue.

I have been working on the keyboard of late, and will soon post a multi-part showing of aspects of that.  The blog has been neglected because I really needed to get a move ahead on that work.  But sharing is a part.  It will be coming.

Oh yes, jack making, too.  Nifty tools for that.  Did I just say nifty?  Oh, dear….



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2 Responses to Spinet Jack Replacement on the Fly….

  1. Dennis Heyza says:

    > see photos on my Facebook timeline

    Perhaps I’m just Facebook-challenged, Ed, but I can’t find you there.

    • Hi Dennis, I am there, though my timeline profile pictures emphasize some outside stage and music work I’ve been doing. The conference photos were restricted before, but I just changed them to public view for anyone. But I haven’t figured how to link here to them. Trying. Thanks for the heads up.

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