Spinet Assembly Continues

The bent side liner glued in place.

Hello all:

The bent side liner has been glued into place, about a week ago.  Finally time to take some shots and post them here.

Two kerfed cauls were used to protect the outer surface of the bent side and to distribute the clamping pressure across the glue surface.

The clamping cauls in place while the glue sets.

Here’s a closeup of the tail assembly:

The bent side liner clamped in place with the cauls around the tight curve at the tail end of the spinet.

Now without the cauls:

The bent side liner with the cauls removed, glue now set.

While the ends of the liner join well to their respective adjoining liners, nothing is ever perfect.  So I flushed up the top surfaces of the joints so that no gaps will interfere with gluing in the soundboard later.

I’m saving the cauls because I’ll need them for similar work in the future, even if they are not an exact fit, since spinet models do vary.  They are very versatile, worth the time and trouble.

Next:  three triangular knees go in as reinforcements of the bent side so it will withstand the stresses of the strings attached to it later.

First knee brace roughly fitted into place. The poplar blocks in the background are the other rough cut knees, awaiting.



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2 Responses to Spinet Assembly Continues

  1. Dennis Heyza says:

    Thanks for the update, Ed. I continue to be fascinated by this process.

  2. Gary says:

    It is fascinating watching such detailed work evolve. Keep up with the postings, we’re watching!

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