Another Conference on the Books

Thank you all for the warm response to this foray into the 21st century. A special thanks goes out to the guests of  this year’s Woodworking Conference. Your support, encouragement, and comments are always appreciated.

We’d like to give a special recognition to all the folks who made the conference a success. First of all, Deb Chapman, every year she contends with a multitude of tiny details and brings them all together without a hitch. The echos haven’t died in the auditorium and she’s already moved on to her next project. Also, Clare and her staff at the Cafe, and Chip and his caterers who kept us well fed and caffinated. Gene and Brian, the camera guys, allowed us to zoom in on the projects- so to speak. Lastly, the conference would never run as smoothly without Mary Cottrill and her crew. She’s the general who keeps the troops in order. Thank you to you all and look forward to seeing you next year.

The Hay Shop

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3 Responses to Another Conference on the Books

  1. Dennis H says:

    I second that! Everything was fabulous (again). Thanks to everyone who works behind the scenes in support of the conference.

    I’d also like to thank Chris Swan, the CW historic trades folks (Mack, Kaare, Bill, Ted, Garland, and Jay), and the non-staff presenters (Andrew, Phil, Bill, and Christine).

    Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

  2. sjschmidtky says:

    This was my 11th year at the conference and it was another outstanding display of talent and passion for their work. I came away inspired as always. Thanks to everyone for their efforts putting it together – no small feat!

  3. Rick Yochim says:

    First, let me say congratulations for starting this blog and express my hope for nothing but outrageous success in this project. Huzzah and way to go!

    The conference was a success too. I completely enjoyed the topic and your handling of it. As always, you guys struck the right balance between academic exposition and letting the chips fly. And I’m glad you brought in Garland and Ted too. It’s always nice to get their perspective and see what they’re working on.

    Will we read it here first when the topic for next year is decided upon? Or, will you be sworn to secrecy and risk bannishment to the sawpit for *a good long time* as pennance for spilling the beans?

    Keep up the great work.

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