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The Toothing Plane: A Tool of Our Time

Okay, everyone, prepare to be re-acquainted with what could be construed as one of an 18th century woodworker’s secret weapons. (Drum rolls, please.) The toothing plane, a tool that has gotten me out of more difficult situations than I care … Continue reading

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Really Big Dovetails…but Why?

When the question is “why,” “because” is seldom the answer sought.  Of course, it was “because” that came to my ears with a frustrating frequency in response to so many questions asked in childhood and, as it was then, it … Continue reading

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Another Conference on the Books

Thank you all for the warm response to this foray into the 21st century. A special thanks goes out to the guests of  this year’s Woodworking Conference. Your support, encouragement, and comments are always appreciated. We’d like to give a special … Continue reading

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Why Harpsichords in a Cabinet Shop?

A regular question we get from visitors is: why do we have a harpsichord maker?  Fair enough, so to introduce what hopefully will be regular and useful contributions to this site, I’ll answer this question and justify my existence here … Continue reading

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Greetings and Workbenches

Greetings! Welcome to what we hope will be the first of many blogs about life as 18th century cabinetmakers in the 21st century.  We plan to use this site as a means of sharing our woodworking and research experiences with you … Continue reading

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